Welcome to Astrebla!

Welcome to the new website for Astrebla Ecological Services!


Astrebla Ecological Services has been operating since 2015, offering big-name botanical service at a sole-trader rate!

After 10 years with one of the world’s top 50 engineering companies, Simon Danielsen established Astrebla to meet a number of key markets gaps:


  • To provide ‘on-demand’¬† Principal Botanist services to established consultancies (ie when botanical staff are on leave or otherwise not available).
  • To provide experienced, affordable ecological advice to landowners and developers.
  • To provide a botanical survey and impact assessment reporting service to developers and proponents of infrastructure and mining projects who wish to assemble and manage their own EIS team.

Astrebla aims to provide these services in a friendly, down-to-earth manner, and at an affordable rate!

In addition, through regular blogs this website will aim to provide information for other botanists that may be useful in the ongoing challenge of surveying, interpreting and reporting on Australian botany!